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Pictures, Text, or Both?

Let’s get this clear right off the bat: there is no one right answer. That said, I’m wondering about venues for sharing photos and impressions. One reason I started this blog is to do exactly that for historical sites. Originally, I’d thought of sites in many respects–physical ones, but also websites. Yet I’ve leaned more and more towards physical sites not the least because I enjoy visiting them (and getting different takes on the places offered by their respective guides) but also because I tend to take a number of photos.

And the photos, increasingly, are what I’ve shared. Blogs are fine for this. Nevertheless, I was exposed to Instagram recently (I know, I know) in a different way than before and the possibilities of making individual photos a focus appeals to me. Though I also enjoy putting photos together, to offer different perspectives or multiple views.

So I’m wondering whether to go for one or another or (less likely, as I do have a lot going on in my life) both.

What means of photo sharing do you enjoy?

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