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Old Country Store — Museum

Last week, I shared photos from a visit to the Old Country Store in Moultonborough. This week’s photos come from climbing up the stairs into the museum on the second floor.

stairs with a sign reading "Museum" overhead

My general impression of the museum can be summed up in one word: STUFF. Good stuff, valuable stuff, but overall a lot of STUFF!

It’s quite evident the owners put time and thought into arranging the items they have on display. Most are grouped together by function, and most have distinct functions. There are few to no pieces of frippery. Rather, the displays show the kinds of things people used to do a lot of work now dominated by machinery.

Consider the display of saws and axes along one wall, or the cabinet holding cobbler and leather tools. The farm tools or blacksmith tools.

One of my favorite displays included a ballot box.

array of boxes, bellows, and a box for town representative

And the information about the store’s history . . .

bulletin board with photos and maps about the old country store above a longer bulletin board with advertising trade cards

This only represents a slice of the items on display. If you happen to be in the area, consider stopping by. You can always pick up some three penny candy on your way on or out!

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