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Are Pictures Worth 1000 Words?

I enjoy visiting historical sites (houses, parks, places of import to different peoples) and taking photos (only where permitted). I also enjoy sharing them afterward.

So that’s what I’ll keep doing here. However, it is likely I’ll change from offering a sampling of photos in a single post about a given site to posting several times about the site with one or two images each time. This may affect visibility (supposedly posts with more words are more likely to result in the search-engine optimization) but that’s life. After, all sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words even if search engines can’t recognize it!

So here’s a photo for today — quite evocative for some, I suspect. Do you recognize it? I took this at the Meredith Historical Society Museum in Meredith, NH.

Old black dentist's chair on the landing of stairs.

It’s not quite Halloween yet (for those who celebrate–I hand out candy to trick-or-treaters but that’s about it) — and expect this can count as a scary photo to those who fear . . . the dentist’s chair.

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