The Museum of All Things Lost & Forgotten

an Ordinary Sorcery story (2021)

Dare to remember!

Book cover showing a woman with a staff walking toward immense, neglected buildings and ships. Title: The Museum of All Things Lost & Forgotten. Tagline: "Dare to Remember!"

Bea detests snap decisions. Better to take time, examine options, and make informed choices. Order above chaos, always: in life and magic.

Her new job in a magical museum suits her to a T. Lead tours through the public displays? Easy peasy. Run mapping sweeps to keep abreast of the ever-changing back rooms? The best kind of adventure.

Until she stumbles across an unattended child lost in a long-forgotten forest. Restoring the child to her parent begins an adventure requiring Bea move fast—or risk catastrophe.

Enter the spellbinding and richly imaginative world of The Museum of All Things Lost & Forgotten.

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