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Moultonborough Old Country Store

Up in the Lakes District of New Hampshire, on one of the main state routes, sits the Old Country Store of Moultonborough. It’s now a country store and museum. By country store, they mean they sell a little of everything. Exactly what everything has changed some over the years–I saw a lot more tchotchkes this time than I remember from before–but there’s food, clothing, cooking utensils, and books.

You can park in back of the store. Once upon a time parking in front was allowed, but things got busy, so . . . here’s the view coming around from the parking lot in back.

view of a large house with an extensive attached barn/building

Plus two views of the front.

Outside of the store, there’s a framed bill for back when this was a stop on the stage line up from Concord NH. There’s also an old coach (with pretend horses) visible through windows as a display from the road–but I couldn’t get a good enough photo due to the glare.

old broadside advertising a mail stage between Concord and Conway, which stopped at the country store

And if that’s not enough to what interest, parts of the store inside are very much as they’d have been in earlier times–even if the things they sell are more modern. Here are a variety of views of the older cabinets, cash registers, and more.

I picked up a variety of 3-penny candy to take back to my workplace and share with my co-workers (for years it was 2-penny candy but inflation has to hit even here!)

But that’s enough for the moment. Next week — we venture upstairs into the museum. You think there’s a lot in these photos? Just wait!

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