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Ordinary Sorcery (magical realism / contemporary fantasy)

Safety lies in not believing in sorcery! For those who believe . . .

  • The Museum of All Things Lost and Forgotten (anticipated publication late fall 2020) — Bea detests snap decisions. Better to take time, examine options, and make informed decisions. Order above chaos, always: in life, love, and magic. Her new museum job suits her to a T. Lead tours through the public displays? Easy peasy. Run mapping sweeps to keep abreast of the ever-changing back rooms? The best kind of adventure. Until she stumbles across a child lost in a forgotten forest. Restoring the child to her parent requires Bea move fast—or risk catastrophe. Enter the spellbinding and richly imaginative world of the Museum of All Things Lost and Forgotten.
  • Webmasters of Fate — For the first twenty-odd years of her life, Rose soared high. Oldest daughter. Smart. Popular.A born leader ready to remake the world in the name of Truth, Justice, and Equality. Then she crashed. Scrambling to reinvent herself, she lands a job as receptionist to the sorcerers overseeing Fate—and winds up hip-deep in a conspiracy to destroy history.

The Dancing Princesses (fantasy romance)

The Brothers Grimm miscounted, in addition to other errors . . .

  1. The New Princess (anticipated publication late 2020) — The least of a large family, Stevan distinguished himself as a solid, reliable scribe. The kind of person others respected, but did not follow. Just one of many competent cogs in the intricate machinery serving rulers bent on building an empire. Until he met Gisela, the newest princess. Lovely, magical, and out-of-reach. For the first time in his life, he dreams high. But to win Gisela, he must match her power for power—and dare to reveal his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Moving and unpredictable, The New Princess follows powerful, believable protagonists finding strength through love.