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Historical Fantasy

The Twisting the Border sequence launches in summer 2019! Follow artists, scientists, guides, and laundresses through an alternate 1840s-1850s United States on a border survey and scientific expedition — a venture which will turn them into heroes . . . and villains.

#1 “Hollow Ghosts

True ladies do not acknowledge the presence of ghosts, even in a city suffering a plague of them. Spinster painter Lavinia once considered herself a lady. Then she snuck out at midnight. Searched for a ghost. Found it . . . Only to discover the high cost of freeing herself from ghosts. Compelling and complex, Hollow Ghosts starts Lavinia on the path from acknowledged lady to heroism—or infamy

#2 “Drinking Unhappiness”

The riverboat Illinois Queen‘s passengers form a microcosm of humanity. Gamblers. Settlers. Scientists. For a spinster headed into self-imposed exile, homesickness turns into seasickness. A fellow passenger offers a cure. But one sip too many lays bare the sorrows, sins, and secrets the riverboat holds. Board the Queen as powerful, believable characters face the loss of all they cherish.