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Ordinary Sorcery (contemporary fantasy)

Safety lies in not believing in sorcery! For those who believe . . .

  • The Webmasters of Fate (tentative title, forthcoming 2021) — Rose soared high. Oldest daughter. Smart. Popular. A born leader ready to remake the world in the name of Truth, Justice, and Equality. Then she crashed. Flunked out of law school. Lost friends. Questioned herself at every turn. Scrambling to reinvent herself, she lands a job as an administrative assistant to sorcerers overseeing Fateā€”and winds up neck-deep in a conspiracy where one wrong step risks betraying her remaining ideals.
  • An Earthly Madness (forthcoming 2022-2023)

The Dancing Princesses (fantasy romance)

The Brothers Grimm miscounted, in addition to other errors . . .

  • A Healer Princess (#2, forthcoming Oct 2021)
  • A Royal Princess (#3, forthcoming Nov 2021)
  • A Spy Princess (#4, forthcoming 2022)