Twisting the Border

Spinster and painter Lavinia lives a quiet life in Chicago. Escorts her mother on calls. Teaches her nieces to draw. Attends lectures at the local lyceum. Wants nothing more.

Then, in the wake of a cholera epidemic, ghosts haunt her. Manifest every time she leaves the house. Spark riots and mobs storming through the streets. She fears discovery as the cause.

Fleeing into a self-imposed exile, she accompanies her younger brother on a border survey and scientific expedition to San Diego.

Moving and powerful, Twisting the Border sets Lavinia, and her companions, on the path to heroism–or infamy.

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  1. Hollow Ghosts
  2. Drinking Unhappiness
  3. The River’s Keeping
  4. Chasing Shadows — 20 September
  5. Needing Ballast — 18 October
  6. Finding Strangers — 15 November
  7. Under Earth — 20 December
  8. Unstable Ground — 17 January 2020
  9. more to follow!

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