The Twisting Mosaic

NEWS! Twisting the Border is expanding to become The Twisting Mosaic! Launching in summer, 2020.

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Current installments will receive new covers as a more complete story unfold, starting summer 2020!

Can’t wait? Explore parts of The Twisting Mosaic (formerly Twisting the Border) available today!

Spinster and painter Lavinia lives a quiet life in Chicago. Escorts her mother on calls. Teaches her nieces to draw. Attends lectures at the local lyceum. Wants nothing more.

Then, in the wake of a cholera epidemic, ghosts haunt her. Manifest every time she leaves the house. Spark riots and mobs storming through the streets. She fears discovery as the cause.

Fleeing into a self-imposed exile, she accompanies her younger brother on a border survey and scientific expedition to San Diego.

Moving and powerful, Lavinia, and her companions set foot on the path to heroism–or infamy.

  1. Hollow Ghosts
  2. Drinking Unhappiness
  3. The River’s Keeping
  4. Chasing Shadows
  5. Needing Ballast

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