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Which do you want?

Instead of “Cheap, fast, and good–which do you want” how about “History, fantasy, reality”?

This new blog will explore all–1, 2, and occasionally 3 at a time. I’m a history buff (seriously–I put in the time to get a Ph.D. in US History) — and a lover of fantasy (let’s not go into just how many books I keep lugging around with me, and that’s just the physical ones quite apart from the numbers stored in either of my e-readers) — and I live in reality (a reality, possibly yours or then again maybe not).

Tuesdays will highlight historical sites (real life and/or websites) and Fridays books or music — with top 10 links on the 1st and 15th.

Now to retreat to my non-bat cave and plot and plan.

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