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Beginnings and other things

Well, I had a lovely post up here for a few days — but then tech things happened (don’t ask) and it went bye-bye. Sigh.

I’ve pondered beginnings lately. They’re all over the place. Many things have multiple beginnings–and every ending has at least one beginning tucked somewhere within it.

21 June 2019 was a beginning in many respects. It was a solstice, which means days or nights will lengthen/shorten (depending on where you live on the globe), seasons change, and time moves on.

On a personal level, it was the beginning of a new phase for my Twisting world — publication of the first installment of Twisting the Border. This is, ultimately, one day of many. It will be a long trek, so I’ll celebrate moments such as these where and when I have them . . . and then move on.

I’m looking forward to finding what’s beyond these beginnings (preferably not more tech problems). But that’s enough philosophizing in retrospect. Now back to more regularly scheduled life and posts (and plotting to visit all manner of historic sites).

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