Historical Fantasy

“He Whom the Rusalka Drowned” a Twisting world tale — free to newsletter subscribers. Join now!

Grigory Balgov lost his best friend, profession, and family. Nowhere to go. No one left to care. Even birds startle him. No place to start a new life except the forest battlefield where his friend fell. A haunting tale of loss and identity, full of magic and monsters.


“Tortoise & Feathers” – now available!

Yera lives alone in a dusty, crumbling temple, the only priestess remaining to carry out her family’s pledge to care for a giant tortoise. In a drought-stricken land, she prays for rain to satisfy the tortoise’s ever-growing thirst. She’ll trade anything–goods, services, morals–for water. In fine fairy-tale tradition, a down-and-out girl must venture into the wilderness.

Contemporary Magical Realism

“Strong Meat” in Sharp and Sugar Tooth: Women Up To No Good, edited by Octavia Cade (Nashville: Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2019). Forthcoming 26 March

“Don’t ever eat anybody but yourself” Ashley’s grandmother cackled. Ashley learned the lesson. Refused to eat anybody no matter how good dry, aged meat smelt when laid in a hot, cast iron pan. Now a celebrated chef, she catches her latest assistant examining the meat in her pans. A magically creepy tale of haute cuisine and ulterior motives.

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