Links of the Week/Month

Links of the Week

Some of the posts which caught my eyes (and attention) in the past week.

Biased Opinion – The Destructiveness of Voting Slates in Book Awards

Madame Fourcade’s Secret War (review)

On Life Changing Experiences and Fear

Tips for Complex Historical Research – not mine but another writer’s. Perhaps I’ll try to encapsulate mine for writing historical fantasy/magical realism some day; in the meantime, check out my Tuesday posts for musings on historical sites (web and real-life) and books.

Have We Lost Our Empathy – on hard decisions and the difference between empathy and sympathy

On Writing Process, Part Four: Submitting that first novel & rejection

Finding the Voice – an interesting take on voice

New Worlds: Public Sanitation – something to consider in world building!

Writing Tips: How to Authentically Write Diversity – advice to consider

Transported by Words – a writer of historical fantasy / timeslip who’s work I enjoy writing about another writer who’s work I enjoy . . .

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