Links of the Week/Month

Links of the Week

Illustrated Pretties – some lovely covers here!

What Tools does a Professional Writer Use? – my list would vary quite a bit, although some of the differences are likely due to the matter that Buckell is a full-time writer while I work a day job

In Praise of Backstory – which I found interesting, particularly inasmuch as I’m working on a lengthy series of related short stories where I am always weighing how much to include in any given work

How to Find Inspiration: Fiction Therapy – some tips for writing from life

What Does Amazon’s “Project Zero” Anti-Counterfeiting Plan Mean for You? – this is mostly geared towards non-textual items (as I read the article at least), but will be interesting to see if/how it extends (anti-piracy anyone?)

What’s in a Name? Naming Characters in Historical Fantasy – for “a name is a significant part of a character” and names set up differing expectations. There’s a lot of possibilities—and places one can (un)wittingly trip

Good Parts and Bad Parts – about the different tasks involved in being a professional writer, which I where I’m headed (not a full-time writer, as I actually like my day job quite a bit, but professional)

Trope-tastic Musicals – in which a romance writer organizes musicals (theatrical and film) by the romantic tropes they fall into, with very interesting results (plus ample commentary on which elements have weathered time and which are cringe-worthy)

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