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Ireland’s Immortals

My latest history book purchase: Mark Williams, Ireland’s Immortals: A History of the Gods of Irish Myth. Picked up because I wrote a short story which for <reasons> took place in Dublin.

No Irish fairies / elves / gods / Tuath Dé / Tuatha dé Dannan played a part in the story per se . . . and yet it all came about because of them.

And this is a new world, one in which I expect to write many more stories. An excellent reason to do some more research. What met my eyes when I started it? This book. I haven’t read it cover to cover (yet), but what I have read touches on fantastically weird days, times, and possibilities.

Many authors before me have drawn on Irish myths for inspiration. I hope to go in my own direction as I write (at least at first) of a world much like ours but dealing with the results of Irish gods (and their equivalents in other regions, I must add–for they’re far from alone) meddling in human affairs which they consider only fair since humans have meddled in theirs . . .

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