Short Stories

“Tortoise & Feathers”

Yera lives alone in a dusty, crumbling temple, the only priestess remaining to carry out her family’s pledge to care for a giant tortoise. In a drought-stricken land, she prays for rain to satisfy the tortoise’s ever-growing thirst. She’ll trade anything–goods, services, morals–for water. In fine fairy-tale tradition, a down-and-out girl must venture into the wilderness. (Short story)

Forthcoming, late summer 2020

Eka traveled far and wide in her youth, only to settle in her birthplace. Raised her daughter there—and lost her. Only her great-nephew Lekis remains to brighten her days in her old age.
 War and conscription into an occupying army threaten. Lekis tries to run away to safety across the sea. But the sea swallows so many who try to cross it.
 To keep him safe, Eka forces Lekis to face the corpse tide.
 A haunting and powerful tale of love and sacrifice. (Short story)