Water and Fishes

For something a bit different, let’s go to an aquarium. Talk about big, expensive buildings to create and maintain! Especially with all that water. That said, there’s definitely something about the experience of being within the water while safely dry & able to watch fishes swimming by. While in Baltimore for the World Fantasy Convention, […]

Other Hats

I’m off wearing different hats this weekend. Therefore, in lieu of a post about books or a list of links, here are a few photos of sites which I’ll discuss later this year. If you’re so-moved, feel free to guess at the where of them (note: this is not a requirement!). Or just sit back, […]

Fort Craig

Maybe 2/3 of the way up I-25 from the southern end of New Mexico, there’s a turn off. Take it and drive 10+ miles of dusty road, and one reaches the remains of Fort Craig. It’s a national historic site, operated by the Bureau of Land Management. The kind of place where retirees can park […]