Numbers Games

How many national or national historic parks does the US have? How many state, local, or private historical sites? What about other countries? And how many millions of historic sites are known only to a few (sometimes very deliberately to keep them safe from despoilment). A lot of questions, not necessarily easy to answer. Perhaps […]

In Honor of Spring

Lorain County, Ohio, owns and operates a number of parks. One, Schoefple Garden, is just over the county line, in Vermillion, because the previous owner evidently had a high respect for the Lorain parks manager and bequeathed his estate to the county. It’s got a number of interesting features — such as a garden incorporating […]

“It Happened Here”

A decade or so ago, I recall hearing historian David Blight give a talk during which he recounted an anecdote about a New-York Historical Society exhibit. The market poster–plastered around the city, including in subway stations–had “It Happened Here” in big letters. People wondering what happened had to get up close to find out: slavery. […]

Tortoise and Feathers

Now available for purchase in electronic format! Yera lives alone in a dusty, crumbling temple, the only priestess remaining to carry out her family’s pledge to care for a giant tortoise.
 In a drought-stricken land, she prays for rain to satisfy the tortoise’s ever-growing thirst.
 She’ll trade anything–goods, services, morals–for water.
 In fine fairy-tale tradition, […]

Links of the Week

Some of the posts which caught my eyes (and attention) in the past week. Biased Opinion – The Destructiveness of Voting Slates in Book Awards Madame Fourcade’s Secret War (review) On Life Changing Experiences and Fear Tips for Complex Historical Research – not mine but another writer’s. Perhaps I’ll try to encapsulate mine for writing […]

Recreating the Past

To write history or historical fiction/fantasy, one must do research. That said, researching to write history and researching to write historical fiction differ in significant ways. This is not an original observation. I’m not researching the point, but I’m absolutely, positively sure many others have made it before. As a writer of historical fantasy, then, […]